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Reliable Camping Fridges for Sale in South Africa

Our hybrid energy portable camping fridges use the unique absorption technology that provides flexible and silent operations. Our camping fridges are ideal for just about anywhere in the world. They function equally at home or on an expedition in the heart of Africa. The camping refrigerators operate on 12 volt battery, electrical mains or LP Gas. This powerful electric/12 volt/LP Gas camping fridge is ideal for cars, trucks and boats. Our reliable camping fridges and freezers will give you the freedom you need to enjoy life wherever you are.

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The electric/12 volt/LP Gas camping fridge is available in 3 sizes to suit your needs. Our Gas camping fridge allows you to choose the type of power source at your disposal. It allows you to quickly and easily switch your camping refrigerator between mains, battery and LP Gas. Our camping refrigerators are built tough, you can choose between metallic powder coated steel cabinets or a stainless steel design. The user-friendly construction of our camping fridges allow for easy access, maintenance and cleaning. There are also 2 internal baskets that make it convenient to store items in the camping fridge. The efficient design allows our camping refrigerators to use minimal energy to produce maximum results. Each totally portable electric/12 volt/LP Gas camping fridge runs silently keeping your goods at the desired temperature without you even knowing it is there.

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A very popular item for travellers, you can easily move our electric Gas camping fridge from one vehicle to another. Just disconnect the power supply and reconnect when you have finished relocating your electric Gas camping fridge.

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