ZVC-316L (Vaccine Carrier – long range)

ZVC-316L (Vaccine Carrier – long range)

Model Reference ZVC-316L
Type Long Range Carrier
WHO PQS YES - Hot Zone
Vaccine Storage Capacity (L) 23.7
Weight - fully loaded 49.5kg
Weight - empty (with empty icepacks) 21.9kg
External Surface Material LLDPE*
Internal Lining Material LLDPE*
Insulation Material CFC free PU
Insulation Thickness 100mm
Lid Type & Fixings Hinged
Number of Ice Packs Required 31
Number of Ice Packs Supplied 31
Ice Pack Type E5/IP.1
Volume of Ice Pack (L) 0.60
Conforming to WHO Specifications E4/CB.1
Cold Life Requirement as per

WHO 1°C without opening

43°C Min. 90 Hours
Actual Cold Life without

opening 1°C as Tested by WHO approved Testing Lab, PSB, Singapore

43°C 145 Hours
External Dimensions (mm) (L) 770mm x (W) 620mm x (H) 520mm
Internal Dimensions (mm) (L) 520mm x (W) 370mm x (H) 280mm
Vaccine Storage Dimensions (mm) (L) 450mm x (W) 300mm x (H) 170mm