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Mission Terrace, Chloorkop Ext. 44, Kempton Park Johannesburg South Africa


Please complete this guarantee form and submit as soon as possible.

The Zero Appliances range of products are thoroughly tested at the production facility before delivery. 

    Product Information Personal Information I have pleasure in advising that I am now the proud owner of the above mentioned Zero Appliances product. Please enter my guarantee into your register.
    CONDITIONS OF GUARANTEE Within the Republic of South Africa Zero Appliances (PTY) LTD guarantees this product for a standard period of ONE YEAR (12 months) or longer under special agreement during normal use and service against defective material and workmanship, both periods to commence from date of purchase. Any damage caused due to improper use or abuse is not covered under guarantee. Should we deem it necessary for the Zero Appliances product or defective parts to be returned for repair or replacement, all transport, parts, labour and packaging costs are to be met by the purchaser.
    This is a carry in guarantee. The product should be returned to the dealer/shop it was purchased from.
    This guarantee applies to the original purchaser only, and means that if any defects covered thereby arise within the period stated, we will, by repair or replacement (at our discretion), remedy any such defect at no charge by us.
    Outside of the Republic of South Africa This guarantee applies ONLY within the geographical boundaries of the Republic of South Africa, and may not be redeemed, or utilised, beyond these boundaries. Guarantee arrangements are in accordance with the normal condition applicable to the selling agent concerned.
    SPECIAL NOTICE Whilst happy at all times to honour the above guarantee it must be understood however, that we do not accept liability for loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising from the operation of the Zero Appliances product or its equipment.

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