Cost effective self-sustained off-grid rural HNC’s (Healthcare and Nutrition Centers)

Container 05_01THE HEALTH HUB

When deciding on a traditional mobile and container clinic it is essential to consider which services the patient will require and the needs of the area the units will cover. It is important to understand the geographical challenges when deciding on a mobile or container unit since poor roads and/or lack of infrastructure may require a rugged and self-sustained cost effective completely off-grid solution.

In the rural areas mothers come from miles away to bring their sick children for medical treatment. In most cases these children are also in need of nutrition (see UN report). Hence, the birth of ZERO’s low cost, off-grid HNC (Healthcare and Nutrition Centre) initiative.

ZERO provides a solution for any healthcare needs our clients might have. We add to that the nutrition factor and offer you a fully fabricated, insulated and basic equipped 12m (40ft) hi cube container children friendly healthcare and nutrition center.

The HNC’s are equipped with WHO approved vaccine cold chain which makes it fully WHO compliant. The HNC also hosts off-grid household appliances for food preservation, water heating and cooking purposes.

For more info download the specification sheet.

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